Using A Sample Marketing Research Proposal Structure

Research work always begins with initial planning and proposal submissions. By using a sample marketing research proposal structure you can actually streamline some of the objectives, research approaches and costs you wish to define.

A sample structure should always begin with your executive summary. You should however fill out this section last since this needs to provide a good synopsis of the rest the document. It is followed by a preamble or background section which goes into details of why the research is being done. For example, you may be trying to build customer loyalty so research into what good and bad points your products have could help identify these factors.

The real bulk of the research proposal begins with your objectives. This is where you set out what the goals of the research are going to be. You should always make sure to detail these objectives in terms of the benefits to the company. The management team reviewing your document will wish to focus on what your company will get out of performing this research. The next section is the research approaches/methods that you intend using. If several are providers and always make sure to recommend which one you would actually prefer. Give exact detail of the types of costs involved, data collection methods and the forms of analysis that will be performed.

All subsequent supporting sections go into further details of the cost of the research work, the research staff that would need to be involved, work breakdown structures, milestones and connections list.

The sample marketing research proposal structure gives you the proper headings required of any sort of document. You should however focus on getting your objectives as clear as possible and ensuring that the executive summary clearly spells out what the benefits are going to be to your company, and to management.

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