Ten Ways To Say Thank You

There are more than 10 ways for saying thank you, but following is a list if you’re not sure how to express gratitude to someone.

-Thanking someone the old-fashioned way is as simple as writing a card, or a note. The message need only be simple and straight to the point. Stamp it and put it in the mail or leave it with them personally; that someone took the time to write something down will mean a lot.

-Hand-written notes are nice, but that doesn’t mean in this internet age that electronic messages are out of the question. Make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, and try also to personalize it – the internet can feel so informal, it’s good to put a personal touch in there, like an image, to remind them that this is coming from a real person.

-Returning the favor is a great way to thank someone. If they fixed your car, bake them cookies. If they brought you dinner while you were sick, mow their lawn.

-A hug and a smile. Touching another person can say more than words.

-Make a donation to a charity in their name. You have passed on the favor, but to someone who needs it more, yet at the same time are still honoring the one you wish to thank.

-Make a gift by hand, like origami or a painting. You may also offer massage gift certificates or any gift card or certificates for that matter, especially if they are allowed to check gift card balance online or through other means

-If you’re musically inclined, write them a short song and perform it. There are few things more flattering than having a song about you.

-As they say, pay it forward. Do something nice for someone else, and tell them what spurred you to.

-Do them a favor only you can. If you’re an auto mechanic, fix their car for free.

-Tell others of their friendship. It’s good to be appreciated by other people.

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