Great Learning Toy – Melissa And Doug Responsibility Chart

The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility chart is one of the most ideal educational toys that you could buy for any children. One of the reasons that I bought this for my kids was because it was so highly ranked on If you look in the Best Sellers category for Toys and Games you can see that this toy is #7. And even better than that it ranked #1 for Toys & Games > Learning and Education. Over the course of this review I would like to detail my experiences with this toy and also note who I think this responsibility chart is most suitable for.

My daughters are aged 3 and 4 respectively and so they seemed to be at the perfect age for this chart. I will admit that when I first bought them (I got one for each child), I thought that the younger would probably need to wait a year or so before she could begin using it properly, but to my surprise she was getting into the whole “getting a reward for making her bed” thing very quickly indeed. And with the more complicated tasks she also seemed to enjoy it when she was doing it with her sister. She used to copy her sister a lot of the time anyway.

The tasks that come in magnet form with this chart are things like “make bed”, “get dressed”, “brush teeth”, “set table”, “show respect”, “take bath”, “clear table”, “keep hands to self” (although I think “don’t touch parents stuff” might have been a better title), “take care of pet” and many more.

My kids really enjoy getting “smily” rewards for completing their daily responsibility charts. A friend of mine who has slightly older children has worked his kids allowance into the chart. They “earn” their allowance, for every task that they complete they get 5 or 10 cents towards their allowance. I think he runs a system of things like “brush teeth” being 5 cents, while more arduous stuff like “take out trash” is 15 cents.

Thanks for reading. For information on where to buy Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart please check out your favorite online reatiler.

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