Knowing What’s What With Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Trawling for information about the latest mattresses will probably lead you to some sites offering memory foam mattress reviews and here we take a brief look at what use the information contained within these reviews can be, if you are searching for new bedding supplies.

Most of the review sites we have come across will offer some good general details about what memory foam is and its advantages over traditional foam. They will also introduce you to some of the key differentials you will come across when researching mattresses – size, compositions, durability, comfort levels, firmness and support levels, for instance. This should provide you with enough information to draw up a good list of factors to investigate about specific mattress models you are interested in.

The customer accounts that are often included on the review sites are to be treated carefully. Just because one user accuses a mattress of sagging and advises against buying, this should probably not overly influence your decision. The reason is that this customer may be expecting too much from his product in the first place, having bought a $300 mattress and wondering why its performance is not living up to the claims of a $1000 mattress. Worse still, he may not even be a real customer, but a paid representative of another manufacturer, trying to push their products. The Internet is a place where it is easy to be anonymous, and review sites are quite notorious for trying to swing opinion to or away from certain products.

So my advice is to use mattress reviews sparingly. Combine the information they contain, with details from the manufacturers’ web sites and online retail stores to visit the local bedding center and talk to the salespeople. The information you have gained will allow you to converse knowledgeably with the staff and to test out the right mattresses in the store. This can save you the legwork of traipsing around trying out a hundred mattresses.

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