What Styles Of Earrings Are Best For Men?

Women have tons of choices when it comes to jewelry, and specifically earrings.  There are an infinite amount of designs and styles to choose from.  Men, on the other hand, are pretty limited on their earring options.  Mens earrings tend to fall into three major categories, and don’t have much variety within those categories.

A single diamond stud is probably the most popular earring choice for men.  Even magnetic earrings for men come in this style.  The choices within this category are generally limited to black or white diamonds, and yellow gold or a white metal of some sort like platinum, titanium, silver or white gold.  They are very simple beyond that, mostly coming in a square cut in a simple stand.

The next most popular style of earrings for men tends to be hoops.  They can’t wear the thin little hoops that women usually wear though.  They usually start with a larger gauge like 12 or 10, which gives the look of a hoop earring a more masculine appeal.  As far as hoops go, you have your choices between the metals listed above, and you can choose full, or partial hoops.  Beyond that, the only real variation is in the gauge.

If a man really wants to gauge out his, he can go with a plug or flesh tunnel.  These involve using a piercing that starts around 10 gauge, then a taper is used to gradually force the hole to grow larger and larger.  The variations here are actually the most plentiful, as plugs can be made of many materials including wood and plastic, and they also come in many designs.  Another choice here is the flesh tunnel which is a ring that runs around the inside of the piercing, holding the hole open.

Perhaps some day it will be totally acceptable for a man to wear 3 inch long silver dangle earrings with rubies, but does anyone really want to see that day come?  The above choice are the best options in earrings for men, and it should probably stay that way.

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