Mermaid Tails You Can Swim In

People have been fascinated by the stories and legends surrounding mermaids for centuries. The mermaid image appears in almost every culture around the world, which is evidence of their popularity. Movies such as Splash, Aquamarine, and The Little Mermaid have all been geared to different demographics, broadening the appeal of mermaids over several generations.

While mermaid Halloween costumes are fairly accessible for the public, it is much more difficult to find a life-like mermaid fin that could give the wearer the true experience of swimming as a mermaid or merman. However, there is a website called AquaTails which produces not only beautiful but functional mermaid tails. AquaTails offers a range of tails that varies from basic to high-end.

The Shallows range appeals to the customer who is looking for a fin that is not only easy to swim in but also allows the wearer to walk around when necessary. The wearer is able to walk around via a slit found at the bottom of the fin. The next range, The Reef, offers a bit more embellishment and sparkle on the tails available. The final assortment of mermaid tails are found in The Shoals. The Shoals is definitely for the devoted mermaid fan. These tails are not only stunning, but are made with from quality wet suit material. This enables the wearer to swim for longer without losing any body heat in the water. These tails come complete with fringe on them for an even more elegant looking swim and of course they glitter in the sun and underwater. There are also mermaid costumes available on the website for those who will not be swimming in them, as well as bikini tops to match the fins and mermaid accessories.

The AquaTails online shop is easy to navigate and the choice of sizes and colors are excellent. The website also contains a blog called Mermania which contains all the latest mermaid news and interesting stories. Mermania also has up to date coverage on the World Mermaid Awards for its readers.

There are many uses for a mermaid tail. They can be used for either a child’s or adult theme birthday pool party. The tails can also be used as a costume for a costume or Halloween party. Whether the tails is going to be used as a costume or as a swimming accessory, it will be great fun.

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