Protecting Metal Magnetic Name Tags Using Plastic Badge Holders

A large number of people may be coming to and from an office buildings or headquarters. For security reasons it is inevitable to have an organized system to differentiate staff from other visitors who come into the building. ID cards or name tags come in handy to offer this distinction. Consequently, when using ID cards like the common metal magnetic name tags in the work place, you should have them in some type of a protector to keep them from damage or tear. Plastic badge holders will definitely offer this protection.

There are a variety of plastic badge holders available on the market. There is the premium vinyl plastic badge holder that is made out of good quality material to safeguard your ID card from wear and tear. It also has a slot for fitting a strap or clip. There is also the ID card dispenser made from rigid plastic meant to protect and maintain your access card. These are preferred to carry smart cards or other access cards. Lastly, there is the ID card retainers which will protect your access cards from unusual bending.

For those who are looking for cheaper plastic holders meant to be used for a short period of time, consider checking out the conventional badge holders. They are cheap and made of thinner plastic and they are commonly used where a large number of badges are to be used on a temporary basis e.g. at a workshop.

Finally, it is also possible to have custom magnetic name tags made from vinyl and they do not require you to use any pin or clip. You just put it on your shirt or blouse and the magnet will hold it securely. They are available in different sizes and quality at different prices. The larger magnetic holders are suitable for people who want to store their credentials or for storing large sized tickets or passes.

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