How Heating Is Possible In Microwave Ovens

There is probably no home in the country that does not have a microwave oven in the kitchen. Having microwave ovens used to so big in the household that if you compare its value in the past with today’s common items, these ovens were like plasma screen TVs. They used to be so rare in a household but today, you would often see many people buying a pair of these and they may even come in vibrant colours such as the famous red microwave oven. Even if you may want to buy a really good looking oven, their overall looks have little to do with the way they function. To know more about how these ovens work, let us dissect its heating mechanism first.

When you speak of heating, these ovens do not really create heat. All of the heating will be made possible in the presence of moisture and without such, you will never get anything heated at all. The reason why moisture is needed in microwave technology is that, the wavelength targets the water molecules in order to make them active. Such rigorous activity would cause the food to generate heat and with more molecules activated, the hotter will your food be. This is also the main reason for the impression that food is being heated inside out when in fact, it only heats places where moisture is abundant.

Now that you know the mechanism of action, you should focus on care and the use of these products. First off, the mini microwave ovens you have in your kitchen should not be used to heat foods which have foil enclosures on it. Any shiny object will cause the waves to be repelled and no heating will ever be done. If you try to do this, your oven will spontaneously combust and you will have to buy a new one. For the safe use of such an oven, always put food products on a bowl or plate to prevent misuse.

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