Model Toy Tanks For The Military Enthusiast

Are you a military enthusiast?  Do you enjoy researching old battles and beefing up your knowledge of weaponry?  Well this could be a very unfulfilling hobby without the aid of companies that have very impressively replicated military paraphernalia.  Let’s face it, unless you have a hangar behind your house capable of storing a 19ft long 8 ft tall all terrain military vehicle, a model tank provides a 100% accurate replica of the originals.  Model toy tanks provide the enthusiast with an opportunity to appreciate the detail and precision of a scaled down replica of the original equipment used in active duty missions.

Model tanks have become a popular addition for many military weapons enthusiasts.  With their precise detailing down to even the minutest feature, modern remote control tanks are designed with more than displaying in mind.  Today’s remote control model tanks are equipped with infrared mounted guns that boast a firing range of up to 90 feet.  The guns shoot airsoft BB pellets and come with precision targeting systems for realistic gun play and battles.  Some are equipped with a smoke generator to produce real smoke and treading that allows it to maneuver over various types of terrain with accuracy.  There is even the ability to pre-program several maneuvers to simulate actual battle runs.

For the true military enthusiast realism is key.  A scaled down replica of a battle front tank for example wouldn’t be complete without the life like detailing and paint.  Although the color of the body may vary from green camo to desert camo the camo non-the-less should look authentic.  The top mounted turrets feature smooth barrel styling painted in either green or dessert camo depending on the color of the body of the tank.  Most offer a rotating functionality of up to a 290-degree angle from side to side and 30-degrees up and down.  The all terrain treading and suspension also offer realistic maneuverability.  Although many of the model tanks are advertised as child’s toys the level of details really suggests a collector’s item.

Today’s model tanks provide such realistic detail and accurate design  that the only thing that distinguishes them from the real thing is the size. They can be found in any toy shop and you can even find building instructions or full kits for Lego army versions online.

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