A Quick Glance At Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstones can come from different parts of the world, there are deposits in Sri Lanka, Norway, Australia and Poland.  A mineral to be classified a moonstone must contain potassium, aluminium and sodium.   Rainbow moonstone which comes from India, although very nice, is not a proper moonstone because its mineral composition differs.   As  the moonstone is a crystal some people will say that it has special properties and even the ability to heal and protect against bad luck. It is also said to have a calming effect and as it is associated to femininity, it is also supposed to relieve period pain and increase fertility.   Therefore you will find that moonstone pendants are quite common and as it is the birthstone for people born in June according to the modern birthstone chart, a moonstone birthstone necklace might be a lovely present.   The name moonstone comes from the fact that the color of this crystal changes according to how it is turned and reminded people of how the moon changes color during its phases.

Often you will find moonstone jewelry set in silver which means that it can be relatively inexpensive as the moonstone itself is not very pricey when compared to other gemstones.Most of the moonstone you find will be blue or white, occasionally you can find it in yellow or orange which will be more expensive. What really determines the value of a moonstone will be its ability to change color and iridescence.   You should do some research before you intend to purchase any type of moonstone jewelry. Now you can do that online very easily and gather information from different sources quickly and then make your decision.   Moonstone is not particularly soft but it can get damaged if it gets in contact with harsh chemicals. You should remove your moonstone jewelry especially if rings or bracelets if doing any housework, but also apply perfumes and hairsprays before you wear your moonstone jewelry.

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