More Closet Design Ideas

Most closets come with a pretty bad internal storage set up as they can be one of the most used places in the home for storage yet only come with one shelf and one close rod. As you collect more and more clothes over time the shortfall starts to make less sense over time. Fortunately you are not the first person with this issue and there’s a few different ways we can redo that closet, some easy and some hard, so that you can get a lot more use out of your existing closet space. So let’s take a look at some closet design ideas and see if one of them will work for you.

Hanging closet organizer – this type of organizer hangs off of your existing clothes rod and adds a bunch of extra storage cubbies and maybe even some smaller storage drawers to your closet. nicer units will still include an area that you can still hang clothes yet have more storage for things like shoes and folded up items. The advantages to this type of system is that they can be very cheap and only take a minute to install as they just hang themselves up. Drawbacks to this type of system is that the unit will center itself on the close rod and you made lose the extra possible storage space in the back of your closet.

A complete closet insert – this type of closet system involves tearing out your old shelf and rod system and completely replacing it with something new. This new system is a floor to ceiling solution that will give you much more organized storage space in your closet. It will include new shelves, drawers, and other storage areas and still include plenty of places to hang your clothes. This is the best method but it is the most involved and the most costly.

Hopefully one of these two closet storage ideas can help you get out of the old shelf and rod system and into the current century

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