How to Be an Exceptional Mother of the Groom

The following are a few useful guidelines for the mother of the groom on how to act at his son’s wedding and help him to start off his new journey of life.

The single particular and the most important advice that each and every mother of the groom should listen to is to learn to let his son go. Now this can be very tough for mothers to realize that another woman in taking over her role as the basic female influence in the life of your son but this is the reality when your son in getting married.

If you fight with your daughter in law to be on the top then this is only going to trouble your son and finally, your relationship with your son would be affected badly. The more you push your son towards you, the more would your daughter in law pull her towards herself.

In fact the mothers of the groom should warmly welcome their future daughters in law in their family. There is no reason why the mother of the groom and his wife may not have a friendly relationship, contrary to all those sick and old fashioned customs. Regardless of whether your daughter in law seems to be confident or not, she would certainly be looking for your permission.

As far as the arrangements of the wedding are concerned, the mother of the groom in majority of the cases do so reluctantly. Most of the time, the bride and her mother would look after all the necessary preparations and arrangements.

This situation needs to be managed with extreme care since things can go in a wrong direction if the mother of the groom tries to become in charge of everything at the wedding but at the same time, you, as a mother of the groom should not conceal your happy feelings about the occasion. So try to find a way in between by showing interest as well as not being too much bossy.

There are several ways by which the mother of the groom might be involved in the wedding. What you can do is present your home for the bridesmaids to stay when they come to attend the wedding ceremony. In some cases, the mothers of the groom wish to welcome their daughters in law with special wedding gifts such as jewelry. If you do not know much about the preferences of your daughter in law, it is good to ask the bride’s maid about it.

Lastly, it is advisable for the mother of the groom to look suitable and decent for the wedding but at the same time, do not try to find  mother of the groom dresses that make you look so remarkable that you overshadow your daughter in law or her mother. So always ask from the bride which type of outfit she is going to wear on her wedding. It does not look appropriate if the mothers of both the groom and the bride wear the same color. The mother of groom dress should complicate the whole occasion not conflict with it.

It is the right of the bride’s mother to select her dress first and then the mother of the groom may choose a dress likewise. Keep in check the budget on both the sides, in case, the mother of the bride has a limited budget, do not use high diamonds or a couture gown.

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