Is An MP4 Player The Same As MP5 And MP6?

You may be thinking that MP5 and MP6 players are essentially the same thing as MP4 players, but they really aren’t. A lot of companies fit as many features as possible into these small devices, but the number following MP indicates the advancement of technology, with higher numbers indicating newer technology, generally. Here are some of the important differences.

MP3 Players

This type of player is the earliest compact music player version to appear. These early audio devices set the trend for similar technology that was to come. MP3 refers to the audio playback format played on such a device.

MP4 Players

The next stage you will find in the MPEG technology is the MP4 file format. What is an MP4 player? Well, these files do what MP3 files do, but additionally, they allow a user to store and stream files. On top of this, the MP4 file format gives users the ability to store non-audio information.

MP5 And MP6 Players

These designations actually do not have any relation to the previous MP classes mentioned. The media claims that Chinese manufacturers began to use MP5 and MP6 labels to differentiate their players. These devices use the same technology as an MP4 player, but features of these devices can vary wildly.

Looking To The Future of Media Players

Even though MP5 is not actually a file type, many MP5 devices offer the user a number of other great features such as color displays and advanced video and photographical capabilities.

As always, technology continues to get smaller and move faster as it becomes more and more advanced. This is especially true when it comes to personal music players such like the MP5. Look out for these types of devices to continue to offer the user more advanced features, while also providing ever more high quality audio delivery.

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