Muscle Building – 3 Steps Away

Has muscle building been one of your main goals in life? If yes, then your dream world is a few minutes away. We present to you muscle gain techniques in three easy steps.

With all the false information easily accessible via the Internet it gets hard for one to know what is true and what is not. People follow one workout, once that doesn’t work, they move on to the other one, and with this begins the vicious cycle.

Here you go with three simple steps for muscle building.

 1. Devotion and Commitment

Whatever one aims to do, it cannot be achieved if you don’t have the right intention and conviction. Without the right mindset one is destined to be disappointed.

Start setting specific goals for yourself. Instead of saying, “I’ll build muscle mass”, say “I want to build 4 pounds of muscle mass in fifteen days!” Be specific when writing your goals. Writing a specific goal motivates you more in comparison to the one more general. Once you have jotted down your “specific” goals, put them up somewhere, where you see them every day! That would help you stay focused and compel you to strive hard towards your goal.

Come up with a strategy to make your workout interesting and not so boring to do. Visualizing yourself doing a certain thing helps boost your focus level and intensity. Picture yourself (mentally) having a successful day in the gym. Trust me it would work! The more detailed and specific it is the better. Athletes from all fields of sport use this method to achieve their aims. So should you!

Pick a partner to help you through your body building workouts. Ask him to keep a check on you every now and then. Both of you can keep a track on each other, and compete. It really helps.

2. The Right Program

Get a muscle building program for yourself. The best way to do that is to skim the Internet. You’ll find a gazillion workouts on the Internet. Pick the one you’ll be easily able to follow.

Just keep in mind, the stronger your muscles get, the more muscle mass you build. So make sure, while you are picking a muscle building program for yourself, it should focus more on muscle strengthening. One should remember: slow and steady wins the race. Keep it slow. Too much exercise all at once can get you painful cramps. Gradually try to build your stamina and improve your muscle strength.

3. The Right Diet

The last but not the least, a dedicated candidate tries to focus on having the right diet. Make yourself a diet plan that helps maximize your muscle building. Without a proper diet plan, you will never be able to achieve your full potential. Give your muscles enough nutrients so that they grow to the fullest.

You must ensure that your calorie intake is more than your calorie consumption, so that the remaining calories are used for muscle making. The easiest way of calculating the number of calories you would require to create a calorie surplus in your body is by multiplying your body weight by 20. The result is the amount of calories you would need to generate a calorie surplus in the system.

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