My Love For Super Mario Games

When i was young i had a love and looking back it might of been nice had it been a nice young lady but no it was a certain fat Italian plumber (God that sounds awful),basically when i was younger i was a bit addicted to video games and in particular super Mario, at first looking back i thought it might just off been that i had a secret love for platform games as this is what the primary role of super Mario was but no when they released super Mario kart i loved it and got addicted to that too, Mario was developed in 1982 by Japanese computer game designer shigeru myamoto although at the time he was called mr video.Since his early days Mario has gone on to star in and on certain occasions pop up as a cameo role in over 200 games which is a record for any video game character.I think my love for Super Mario Games came from super Mario 64 which was obviously released on the Nintendo 64 and coincidentally was the first 3d version of Mario that had been released also.Mario has of course now crossed the boundaries set by platform video games and has starred in or appeared in Mario kart which is car racing, puzzle games, pinball games, role playing games and also sports games such as Mario tennis and Mario golf, as i have grown older i have sadly lost a bit of interest in Mario as other more interesting games come along such as Shooting Games Online like Black Ops but Mario will always hold a special place in my heart and after looking for a bit of information on the net i have found that there are already three new super Mario games out and at least 5 more scheduled for 2011 so Mario is not going to retire that easily I’m afraid.

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