Beautiful and Captivating: Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are both beautiful and captivating.  Why have they become some of the most sought after gems in the history of the world?  They have a wonderful and rich history, and there are a few yellow diamonds that have been very famous.  Read on to find out about two of the most gorgeous and infamous diamonds in the world.

Of all the yellow diamonds in the world, the “Tiffany Yellow” has to be counted as one of the most famous.  It was mined in Africa in the late 1800’s and brought to New York by Charles Tiffany.  It was cut down from its original weight of 287 carats into the beautiful cushion cut diamond shape that is its claim to fame today.

In 1961, Tiffany’s saw a perfect opportunity to “cash in” on the beautiful yellow diamond they still owned, but that had not been the the spotlight for some time.  The movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was made with Audrey Hepburn, and when she wore the diamond in the movie and in advertising photographs, the popularity of yellow diamonds went through the roof!  Hepburn was one of only two lucky women to ever have worn the Tiffany Yellow.

Another very famous yellow diamond was mined in South Africa and is now the largest cut, flawless diamond in the world.  It is called the Golden Eye, and now weighs 43.5 carats in its cut state.  It originally weighed 143 carats.  The golden Eye is considered to be the foundation for the modern diamond industry as it stands today.

For those of us that don’t quite have a budget that would accommodate a canary diamond such as the Tiffany Yellow or the Golden Eye, there are quite a few other choices, thankfully.  Cubic zirconia stones in a beautiful yellow cushion cut engagement ring would be an awesome alternative. For those who like yellow stones in a bracelet, lovely Pandora bracelets featuring gold or silver charms with yellow CZ’s would be a great alternative to a yellow diamond bracelet.

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