A Negril Vacation Has Something For Everyone

One of Jamaica’s most beautiful features is the gorgeous 7 Mile Beach located in Negril. This beach has gained worldwide fame and has been included frequently in travel magazines as one of the world’s best beaches. This amazing beach stands out for its colorful sunsets, excellent facilities and of course crystal clear water and white sand beach. This has certainly added to the ever- increasing number of visitors who come to this area.

Negril is rapidly gaining in popularity; however, its magnificent Seven Mile Beach still remains much more relaxed and quieter than those found in the famous resort area of Montego Bay. Most of Jamaica’s luxury resort properties and all-inclusive resorts are found on the beach’s northern end. However, one can also find a wide selection of small, locally owned hotels where you can spend your Negril vacation in comfort. Going south from the beach’s main area you will find the peaceful West End. This is an area that offers visitors a more peaceful and relaxing destination.

A large reef helps to protect the bay, so there are no beaches in Jamaica that experience high tides. There are also plenty of areas where the water is shallow enough that can have a great time swimming and playing in the water. In fact, even young kids will find plenty of safe areas to splash around and have a great time. The reef is an amazing place to experience snorkeling or you can take one of the daily trips that are offered by tour boat operators or private boat owners. Many times these boat trips are in a glass bottom boat which makes it easy to see the many colorful and beautiful tropical fish. These boat trips have become an extremely popular adventure for a day on the water. Negril also has numerous restaurants offering visitors a wide range of menu options. The beaches are lined with fun bars where you can sit back and enjoy a delicious drink and soak up the local reggae music.

Anyone who is looking for Negril vacation packages will want to consider the time of year they plan to travel. Those who book their vacations during the summer will often find that they can find some amazing deals and will have beaches that are much less crowded.

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