Neostrata Products For Removing Scars And Other Blemishes

If you are looking for a product to help you with your acne scar removal problem, it is best to look beyond that specific concern. Instead, think of your face as something that needs overall care and not just removal of scars. With this in mind, you need a system of products that will provide overall care on your face, ranging from providing much needed moisture, smoothening its texture, and yes, removing unwanted spots such as age spots and acne scars. The Neostrata Skin Lightening Protocol is one such system. It includes four products that work together to improve the quality of your skin.

As we know, it is important to wash our face daily to cleanse it. The Foaming Glycolic Wash of the lightening protocol contains two active ingredients that work together so that skin is cleansed thoroughly. These are the lactobionic acid and the glycolic acid. These ingredients are very effective but are also mild so that skin will be cleansed but not irritated. To use, wet face first with warm water, apply enough amount of the product on your face, rinse it off with warm water, and finally pat dry with a soft towel. Use this cleanser once in the morning and once in the evening.

The second product to use after cleansing is the Bionic Lightening Cream. This product contains ingredients that will directly work in reducing the appearance of age spots, acne scars, and other skin discolorations. The main ingredient that works hard to achieve this effect is hydroquinone. Furthermore, this lightening cream also has SPF protection so that even with continued sun exposure, your skin will be protected from further damage. However, note that SPF protection is only SPF 15, so if you need a higher level of sun protection, follow it with applying sun screen with at least SPF 30.

For skin’s moisturizing needs, apply the moisturizer called Day-Sheer Hydration. This moisturizing cream will ensure that skin has ample moisture so that skin cells will remain healthy, skin tone and texture is even, and that skin is firm. Fine lines and wrinkles will also fade out if skin is kept moisturized.

While skin needs more help in moisturizing during the day, it does not mean that you don’t need it at night. In fact, using a night moisturizer will be very beneficial especially with regards to the regeneration of skin cells. For this purpose, Neostrata also has the Renew Night Moisturizing Face Cream. Apply this on your face after cleansing and applying the Bionic Lightening Cream.

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