The Differences Between NERF Gun Darts

If you are considering getting some NERF guns for your children then you will find out soon enough that there are actually a variety of darts that can be used with these guns. There are four different kinds. These are suction cup darts, whistler darts, clip darts and tag darts. None of these darts can fit all the guns.

To be honest you might find it strange that they are designed to use different styles of darts. In effect, it almost makes them a different kind of toy considering how integral the darts are to actually playing with these toys.

You can buy NERF darts anywhere you can get the guns. The guns themselves come with typically six darts each. The NERF N’ Strike Maverick uses the suction cup darts. These are pretty cool and will easily stick to surfaces like windows and TV screens. The NERF Recon CS-6 on the other hand uses the clip darts.

It seems that the name clip dart comes from the fact that the bullets go inside a clip which is loaded into the gun. This style is a bit longer and ever so slightly thinner than the suction cup and whistler style darts. If you try to use the clip darts in a gun that they are not designed for, they will simply jam the gun.

The same goes for trying to use suction cups inside a Recon CS-6 for example. These darts are just a bit too fat and you can tell if you try to put them in the clip that they are not really designed to go there.

It might seem a little bit confusing at first to work out what darts are for what gun but you soon get used to it. The good news is that the extra dart packs are very reasonably priced.

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