The New Amazon Kindle: Expect The Unexpected

It is certain that the Amazon will be releasing a new product this year 2011, but there are still no concrete news about the specs and features. Many people are saying that the Amazon have integrated a touch screen panel for their Kindle. Also, a full color display Kindle is expected. These speculations are spreading like a wildfire and there are plenty of people who are very excited with the said news. The qwerty keyboard on the Kindle 3 will be history when the newest Kindle reader of Amazon will be release this coming summer of 2011, which will be on the month of September.

Due to the speculation of many regarding the touch and color features of their newest product, there are some people who protested on such upgrade because according to them it will just lessen the battery span of the device. Instead of getting a 2 weeks uninterrupted usage, it will just be 10 hour maximum. But others are pointing out that this upgrade will be phenomenal and it will just be the right one because in this manner more e-books will be added to the collection and the experience in reading an e-book in a full color display will be amazing.

No matter what is the latest product of the Amazon, let us all support it because it is rest assured that the manufacturer has done their best in order to provide the greatest product that is worth your money. It will certainly be affordable and people will be lining up just to get one. And it well-known that they are the number one choice when it comes to Kindle reader. With Amazon, always expect the best result because they won’t let you down. If you want to be updated on their newest product, you can click on the links provided on this article.

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