The Best Of The New Kindle Reader

The newest Kindle reading device is expected to be finally available for sale by the end of the year 2011, before the start of the Christmas season. This is made so timely, because most of the people can afford to buy bigger gadgets during the holidays. Also, we expect several people to buy an Amazon Kindle 4 as a Christmas present for their loved ones as well. This reading device is getting more popular as the days pass by, and we cannot really blame the people for getting so excited about such. After all, there are plenty of rumors and speculations that roam around the internet about this reader, especially when it comes to its would-be features.

The Kindle 4 reader is expected to have a color screen feature, because the company behind the E Ink Technology has already announced to the public that they are now able to make colored version of this E Ink. Since Amazon has been using this amazing ink for its previous models of Kindle readers, we can only expect that the colored version will also be used for the newest model of this famous handheld electronic reader. Actually, this only increased the excitement from various ebook lovers from around the world — and since this will be the patronized by most users as soon as this is released in the market.

Another important feature which is rumored to be incorporated with the newest Kindle reader is the touch screen facility. This feature will enhance the usage of this device, as it will promote easier page navigation and faster browsing. This will also look more elegant and chic to carry around, so this will surely be loved by those young consumers. And because of the convenience that a touch screen reader would provide, this will also make those users who belong to older age group happier.

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