Exactly Why I Really Like Newry In Ireland – There’s A Lot To Do

The city of Newry in N . Ireland is a really small place nevertheless having said that there’s a great deal to do, it might be hard to fit it all into your vacation. I realize that when you get to any new town the very first time it could be a little bit daunting however I figured I would catalog a number of my favourite activities to do when you are there.

Pricing is generally a consideration for just about any activity I intend on doing in a new city simply because keeping expenses down is always important. On the list of most affordable activities to do is exploring the 2 big shopping centres in the middle of the city like the Quays as well as Buttercrane which have plentiful car parking. I am aware that shopping is often associated with spending money but there are tons of low-priced cafes and knick-knack retailers plus there’s invariably window shopping as well.

A favourite hobby of mine is definitely go-karting and Newry offers an extremely good track on the outskirts of the town which offers affordable rates for both children and older people. You can purchase one hour on the track for less than $50 dollars which I feel is definitely excellent value plus racing around this impressive race track is a real buzz. Even if you’re not really into go-karting they have a cafe and observation section so you can just unwind and watch.

Following a long afternoon there’s little better than a glass or two in a traditional Irish bar and one of my favourites is Bellinis which is located right in the heart of Newry. Something I love regarding the bar is that the local drinkers go there to hang out also and it’s not just other holidaymakers that you’re going to meet. I’ve often thought that hanging out with local people is paramount to an interesting vacation anywhere as its the answer to getting a proper taste of the local lifestyle.

I hope this article will give you a few suggestions on exactly how to make the very best of your visit to Newry, if you are looking for a place to stay pay a visit to my blog Newry hotels for some more posts.

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