Nike NZ Air Shox

Lunar Air Shox are the latest relative to branch off of the Nike Shox brand of athletic shoes.  There are not another pair of running shoes on the market today that can compare to this brand.  Revolutionary technology on both the inside and the outside of the shoe are what really sets the Nike Shox brand apart from the rest.  Let’s dive right in and look at the overall value of the Lunar Air Shox.

Anywhere on a shoe you could possibly think of, Nike has added plush cushioning for both comfort and support.  Alongside the Shox technology, the area on the outside of the midsoles provides greater traction than most as you run.  These shoes also provide a finger like grip around your feet as you run.  For all of these reasons and more, the Lunar Air Shox are second to none.  Now let’s dig into the relatively steep price.

For about $150, these high quality shoes can be yours.  If properly taken care of, expect them to last for several years.  While this might seem like a very high price, consider what the investment you are making, particularly if you are an avid runner.  Your knees are typically one of the first body parts that give runners major troubles.  The comfort and support these shoes provide can add years to both your knees and your feet.  With a low quality pair of sneakers, you may save a few bucks today, but tomorrow you will be paying thousands for knee operations.

Nike Shox clearance prices are possible to find, but they are highly improbable.  If you want quality, you will have to pay.  You can buy Nike Shox online or check out your local sporting goods store for great deals today!  You will not be disappointed with Nike Lunar Air Shox.

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