Nintendo 3DS Games Watch List

The Nintendo Company would soon release their highly acclaimed latest product the Nintendo 3DS. It is a powerful device that offers the consumers a whole load of new and better features compared to the previous DS models. It is the only platform in the world that offers 3D gaming; the Japanese perfected the art of minimizing the display that projects 3D images thus improving the visuals on this platform. The 3DS also has additional cameras that takes 3D images from your 3DS. It also has a touchscreen that is one of the most accurate in the market; it can interpret data without error and lag. The improved connectivity to the internet and to your fellow peers makes sharing data even easier making the world a smaller place for 3DS and DS gamers.

Nintendo 3DS games utilizes the powerful 3D engine that the unit has. The visuals that these games have are all in 3D, which makes exploring, driving, fighting and even solving puzzles a lot more fun. You get the feel of the game instantly due to the visuals popping out, it would seem that you are actually there. The gameplay is also improved due to the new features. Most games incorporate the cameras, touchscreen and even movement into gameplay thus making fun and more addicting than ever. An example of a game that incorporates the new features fully is “Nintendogs + Cats”. You get to play with your virtual pets through the use of the motion and gyro system, camers and the touch screen. You can just imagine how fun it would be once it arrives in your hands for you to play.

One of most anticipated Nintendo 3DS games is the “Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of time”. You would once again reprise the role of Link in this timeless adventure. You would once again explore the very tough to beat water temple and deku tree that made gamers of the past life hell. The story line would surely adapt in the modern setting with the original director taking lead once again to bring the gamers of the present with a timeless classic. The 3D environment also brings you to a different world thus making exploring the world within the games so much fun and visually stimulating effecting to a lot of hours of gameplay. You would certainly fall in love with the 3DS and this game. It is a definitely a must buy among games for the platform.

With a powerful gaming console at your disposal, its no mystery that the games that comes with it would be as powerful. Watch out for upcoming games because they would be a lot more fun and addicting.

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