Nintendo 3DS Games—A First Look

With the product launch held early last year, gamers all over the world are waiting anxiously for the impending release of Nintendo’s newest creation. Since it was launched and introduced to the world in the year 2010, almost one hundred games have been announced by big time developers and publishers. Most of them have already released some footage of the gameplay and also some screen caps from the game. Some have definite release dates while some are still yet to be announced but the confirmation has given it a stapled status in the long list of game titles that are set to be released this year of 2011 or in another time in the near future.

Most of the games announced are already welcomed by the gamers because of their familiar titles and some are remakes of classic games. Titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Star Fox 64 might sound pretty familiar for the older generation of gamers but with this new handheld gaming device, they can now be reintroduced to some fans of the past and also gamers from today’s generation. Each of the above mentioned games will receive huge updates and proof of this is already evident because of the released images and videos for promotional purposes.

The Legend of Zelda might sound familiar to gamers from all the age brackets because it has a game for the Nintendo Wii but the reason why this one is special because this is one of the titles that blew up Link’s, the main character in the whole game, popularity amongst the gamers. Kid Icarus was a game released almost twenty years ago and as people have remembered, it was a great game with a story and much to everyone’s surprise; it is making a comeback after years of absence.  A full 3DS review of these games might not be possible yet for now but just wait after the release of the product. The articles concerning the games will surely pour out just days after.

Expect the list of Nintendo 3DS games to get longer even after it hits the store shelves. The gaming device and its game titles will definitely blow you away with both its graphics and its capabilities.

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