Nissan Navara Accessories – Intercooler And Air Dryer

One of the finest Nissan Navara accessories is considered to be CWB 450, which is a 10 wheel dump truck which has made a name for itself in the mining industry. With the intercooler, it is well equipped to do the work of hard labor. The older product of these Nissan Navara accessories was 290 metric horsepower but when since the introduction of this new item, it has increased to whopping 320 metric horsepower, thus making it much more adaptable to the harsh requirements of the mining industries.

Among the most basic function of these Nissan Navara accessories is that it helps in cooling the air that comes from the turbocharger before it makes its entrance into the combustion engine. This helps in increasing the efficiency of the complete combustion stage which takes place inside the engine which in turn enhances the output power of the unit as a whole. This process can be compared to the principle of one of the Nissan accessories of radiator cooling of water.

Another among Navara accessories that are found in CWB 450 is the air dryer system which is considered to be near by the air reservoir. It can be stated here that it serves more of a filter for air where it removes any kind of moisture or dew and thereby discharging them automatically out of the unit. It has usually been observed that mechanics as well as the drivers occasionally face brake problems, clutch booster issues and so on. This is because of the water that is contaminated in the air reservoir. Therefore to protect the current condition and enhance the life of the said parts of the vehicle, the technical staff always advises to install Air Dryer.

So what are you waiting for, just install these accessories to make your vehicle your most trustworthy partner.

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