What is a Non Slip Bath Mat?

Slipping and falling in the bathroom is a very common accident in some homes. A non slip bath mat is similar to a regular bath mat but is made to help prevent bathroom accidents. A bath mat sometimes referred to as a shower mat, can be placed on the floor outside of the bathtub or walk in shower. Standing on a mat after bathing will soak up the water that is left on your feet after you step out of the bath or shower. Accidents are, after all, less likely to happen with dry feet.

The difference in a regular bath mat and a non slip bath mat is the material on the bottom. Most bathroom mats have a soft material on top to help dry your feet. These mats are made to be soft for your feet and can also add to the decoration of a bathroom. In addition to these luxuries, a non slip bath mat should also have some type of gripping on the bottom.

Caution is needed when buying a bathroom mat. Many mats will appear to be safe, but are not. Make sure that the mat you purchase is advertised as a non slip bath mat. There are different types of materials that are found on the bottom of mats to prevent slipping. A thick layer of rubber is a preferred material, as it grips very well on a bathroom floor. You may want test the mat before purchasing it.

Most bathroom accidents occur after getting out of the shower or bath.  People most likely to slip and fall are the elderly and people who cannot walk or stand well. These accidents can be prevented by purchasing a non slip bath mat. These mats may cost slightly more than a regular mat, but is a very good investment.  Peace of mind is very important for your family, and well worth a few extra dollars.

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