Omega VRT350: The Durable One

The latest model of Omega’s vertical masticating juicer is the Omega VRT350 HD, and this is believed to be the most durable of all. The thing that makes this juicing machine truly heavy duty is its Ultem screen, which is eight times stronger and more durable compared to the plastic screens that are being used in common juice extractors. This Ultem screen is considered as the “heart” of this juicing machine, and because of this, the Omega VRT350 HD is ideal for daily and long term use. Thus, this juicer is really recommended for those people who plan to make their own fresh fruits and vegetable juice more than once every day. This is also ideal for most businesses that requires a juice extractor.

This juicer is a slow juicer, which operates at a low speed of 80 RPM. This speed is good enough for the health-conscious people, because it ensures that the highest quality of beverage is extracted all the time. The low speed ensures that there is no heat and oxidation build up during the process of juice extraction, and this is truly what makes this juicing machine ideal for health. The low speed rate also makes sure that the juice is of great quality and consistency, as there is no foaming, frothing, nor separation.

Aside from this, higher juice yield can be ensured as well. The Omega VRT350 HD masticating juicer works on a dual-stage extraction, and this promises maximum juice yield, even from small amount of produce. Thus, using this best juicer can be very economical as well. Furthermore, it can efficiently juice any type of fruits and vegetables, even soybeans actually, so one can enjoy a variety of fresh and healthy drinks any time he wants. Because of this, creative and adventurous people prefer to invest in this masticating juicer.

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