One Perfect Gift To Give?

Halloween is just around the corner, then there will be Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. I can handle the first two holidays, but the third…well, not so much. I don’t mind the bright lights and the happiness and cheer, but I sure don’t like the whole gift giving process. In this posting I’m going to be telling you about what I think might just be the most perfect gift to give someone.

When you think about what to give someone what are the criteria you are using? Well, first off, you want to get them something that they will use or enjoy. What is the point of getting someone a gift when they only smile and then put it in a drawer somewhere. You want to get them a gift that they will keep using and using, perhaps every day even, and thank you for giving them such a wonderful present.

The item that fits this bill perfectly is the Leatherman multi-tool. If you have not heard of this great little device it is basically a tool that centers around a pair of pliers or scissors that has many other great tools contained in the handles. It can help someone tighten a screw, or crimp a wire, or cut some paper, or open a bottle or can, or “whatever”. It has so many practical uses it is impossible to go into them in this one short posting.

If you would like to read more about this great little tool we suggest that you go to the website It features many makes and models, and the Leatherman Mut Utility as well.

We wish you all the happiness and holiday cheer this year.  If you are like me you can now take solace in the fact that you have found the perfect gift to give someone.  Rest assured…this holiday season will be better.

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