Online Adjunct Instructors – The Next Wave

The disturbing fact of the matter is that adjunct college faculty members working in a physical college or university classroom will probably never make a decent living. After all, the budgetary funds post-secondary administrators need to increase college adjuncts’ wages for teaching an individual class at a community college, state college or four-year university are evaporating at an alarming rate.

At many post-secondary academic institutions the adjunct teachers are being laid off in droves and the few remaining teachers are required to pick up the extra students and teach them in classes that are already overcrowded because of rising student enrollment. The increasingly obvious solution for an individual with an earned graduate degree, a Ph.D. or master’s degree, is to learn how to populate an online teaching schedule with numerous online college classes.

An aggressive online adjunct instructor can master the search strategy that will generate the largest numbers of online adjunct jobs simply by incorporating a rotational application agenda. For example, there are over five thousand community colleges, state colleges, four-year universities and for-profit colleges that offer complete online college degree programs and an entire armada of online college classes.

Each of these online courses required an academically qualified online college professor teaching it. As time goes on, there will be more online degree programs emerging even at the most recalcitrant school, so the online adjunct employment opportunities will become more abundant.

It is important to devise a rotational application activity that occurs every day when searching for adjunct online faculty positions. Just because a particular community college or for-profit college doesn’t have an available online teaching opening at the moment doesn’t mean they won’t have several in a few weeks. The speed at which schools are adopting distance education technology is truly fast.

As these schools discover that offering post-secondary instruction on the Internet is extremely cost-effective when compared to building and maintain physical classrooms, there will certainly be even more college teaching work for online adjunct instructors that catch the nest wave in the academic labor field.

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