Online Alternatives To Desktop Software

With the Internet growing at an phenomenal rate, one industry that has been effected in a bad way is the traditional desktop software industry. The first to feel the pinch was the gaming industry. More and more advanced browser based games are created everyday and young users are regularly get attracted to these games. Ease of access and low cost compared to desktop games are few of the reasons for this change. Smart gaming companies have realized this and now they are adding online interaction to their gaming platforms and also creating online multiple player version of the same game as well. However, other industries are also starting to feel the effects of the online revolution.

Improvements in web based technologies has enabled many companies to create complicated web applications. Since new technologies are explored everyday, we can expect much more advance applications in the future. Although there are many advantages in using web based applications, some people are reluctant to use them for a few different reasons. Security and unreliable connections to the software are few of them. However, security protocols are now standard in web applications and high speed reliable Internet connectivity is very affordable, reducing most of the limitations of using online applications.

Although not very apparent, social networking sites like Facebook have played a major role in development of web based applications as a whole. There are thousands of Facebook applications and millions are using them everyday. This has made people realize the power of web applications and has also helped companies to realize that there is potential for web applications outside Facebook. Many top web based applications get their inspiration from Facebook applications.

The emergence of start-ups is another factor which led to alternative solutions to desktop applications. Most of these founders of start-ups were already frustrated by the limitations of traditional software, so they created the same product without those limitations. Most online diagramming software, online project management tools etc were created for this exact reason.

If you are not using them at the moment, you are missing out on lot of money. There are very good solutions for expensive software like Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, etc., and the sooner you start using them, the sooner you will start making money.

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