Types Of Orange And Citrus Juicers

When asked if you would need an Orange juicer, typically your answer would be “yes”. Of course anybody would want to be in a good health. But the next question is; what type of an orange juicer do you need? If you have no idea about its type, you might answer; “it doesn’t matter”. But the truth is; it matters a lot. And you need to know the different ways of fruit juicing so that you can get the best juicer that fits your needs.

Generally, orange juicer or citrus juicer for that matter is categorized into 2 types. One is the manual and the other has a built in motor powered by electricity.

Manual orange juicers or sometimes called citrus press use a lever that you can hold to press the orange fruit and extract its juice. It may looks like a nut cracker where you are pressing the orange fruit instead, or it may be stabilized with a stand that serves as a foundation to prevent the machine from tipping over once you start to press the lever downward. In a reamer, the orange is cut into half and squeezed over a stationery conical shape figure at the center until all of its juice comes out. The fruit is then collected on a container below.

Electric citrus juicers are also citrus reamers with rotating cones that automatically spin as soon as it gets in touch with the fruit. The orange fruit is cut into half and placed on the rotating cone to extract juice. As it does the juicing, it makes sure that the pulps are strained away. However, you may opt to use a coarse pulp strainer if you wanted some pulps to be on your juice.

Making a fresh orange juice on your own couldn’t be made simpler. As soon as you furnish your kitchen with an orange juicer, treating yourself with this type of healthy drink will just be a few minutes or seconds away, depending on the juicer used. Your body deserves to be treated right by allowing it to intake beverage that goes beyond its good flavors. Orange juice has the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It has been known to alleviate inflammation and improve blood circulation. Much more to that, it has its anti oxidant and anticancer effect, and a lot of good things in store for our health.

No matter what type of juicer you may choose, always remember the most important part; that is to ensure that you retain the freshness of the orange juice. Hence, taking all the advantage of what this drink can offer.

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