Make Your Own Organic Shampoo For Your Baby

It’s possible that you can make your own organic baby shampoo.  But how hard is it?  Does it cost less to make than simply buying shampoo?  Are there any dangers?  Where can you find out how to make it?  I will answer all of these questions in this article.

Is It Difficult To Make Organic Baby Shampoo?

The simple answer is: no.  It’s actually pretty easy.  One exception to this is that you may have to steep some herbs.  For example, one easy organic shampoo recipe involves boiling fresh rosemary in some distilled water for 30 minutes, and then simply adding 3-4 drops of essential oil.  Shake, and there you go. Of course, there are plenty of more involved recipes, or ones that have more ingredients.  But you get the idea.  And you can custom tailor your baby’s shampoo.

Does Making Your Own Cost Less Than Buying?

Well, in the above example, it’s fairly clear that it costs less, or at least no more than buying it.  This, of course, depends on what brand of shampoo you would buy.  But rosemary can be bought for a dollar or two.  Distilled water costs about the same.  Essential oil may cost a bit more than that, but one small bottle will last you for years!

Again, the more ingredients you use, the higher the cost.  Using 10 ingredients will likely cost more than even a high quality organic shampoo.   But again, many of those ingredients can be used for other recipes and baby products, such as sprays and cleaners for newborn baby clothes.

Are There Dangers In Making Your Own Shampoo?

No, there aren’t really any dangers.  The fact is, if you are using natural products, you should be safe.  It’s the chemical ingredients in typical commercial shampoos that you have to be careful of.

Where Can I Find Out How To Make Organic Shampoo For Baby?

Simple: google.  That’s how I found this recipe I use:

Lavender Castile Organic Shampoo For Babies

Ingredients: 12 oz. distilled water, 4 tablespoons Castile flakes, 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil.

Simply boil the water for at least 10 minutes.  Let cool for about 10 more minutes.  Add in the soap flakes and stir.  Then add the lavender oil and stir more.  Put in a container, squeeze bottle or an old shampoo bottle, shake well and you’re good to go.


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