Yankees Promote Outback Steakhouse

The New York Yankees are known for their everlasting pin stripe uniforms not to mention their ability to completely dominate their opponents. The Yankees know what it takes to be winners and it’s more than just paying their players millions of dollars. It requires participation from so many different aspects of their organization that its not even funny.

This year the Yankees have done something that basically no other sports franchise has done in a very long time. They have actually accepted a marketing idea from Outback. They have basically agreed to market for one another once the 2011 season begins. How this will work is pretty simple. Basically the front office suggested that ushers hand out these free outback steakhouse coupons when the fans are on their way out of the game. Ideally this will be a best practice because everyone likes getting free coupons but more importantly, they are getting these outback restaurant coupons when their mind is clear and unoccupied by the game. This basically means all the fans will have a clear mind when they get their coupons in hand. It’s a pretty smart idea if you ask me because it is a true win-win for both sides. Outback gets to do some joint promotions with the Yankees and the Yankees get to advertise a bit of their ticket prices on the inside of the restaurant. It should be a plus for the both of them but it is still yet to be proven as this will not actually take place until the next season goes underway.

What the Yankees are looking forward to the most is being able to sell tickets at outback through all the different servers and the servers will get a piece of the action too so it will be to your servers benefit to attempt to sell a few tickets.

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