Do Ovulation Calendars Really Work?

Today at work one of my co-workers asked me if I believed that an ovulation calculator could really help women conceive faster. My answer to her was immediately, “Yes!” because it worked for me both times my husband and I tried to get pregnant. She is just starting out on her trying to conceive journey and is like many women who know they are ready – she wants it to happen right away. Because even when you become pregnant, you still have to then wait nine months until the baby is actually born, so you do not want to waste time waiting to become pregnant – you want that to happen fairly quickly.

So we began talking about how when you start trying to have a baby you begin living your life in two week increments: two weeks from the start of your cycle until you ovulate, and then two weeks from that date until you can potentially get a positive result on an at-home pregnancy test. It becomes maddening because you are constantly waiting for something. But I guess it does help you to prepare for the actual pregnancy because then you will be continuously waiting for something – for your first OB appointment, to the end of your first trimester when you can finally tell friends and family your good news, to the twenty-week ultrasound when you can find out if it is a boy or a girl, to the end of your second and third trimesters when you begin to wonder when the little one will make his or her grand entrance into the world.

She ended up telling me that this was the first month she and her husband really tried to time intercourse according to her fertility calendar and she thinks they could potentially have been successful. I’m so excited for her and she said that she will be amazed if the ovulation calendar actually worked for them on the first try!

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