Wardrobe Types

Cabinets are one of the most personal spaces in your bedroom. And if given enough attention, can also be the most elegant. Your wardrobe is mainly one of the most important parts of your bedroom, because it stores everything that you value most – clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and sometimes even pictures and memories, stuff you absolutely can not do without.

While your closet can be neat and organized on the inside, it has also to blend in well with your bedroom decor. A gray, bulky, and old closet corrupts the otherwise elegant and stylish decor of any bedroom. Therefore, choosing the right type of painted wardrobes for your bedroom to be quite high on the list, right there with walls, floors and of course the bed. After you decide how you want to make your bedroom, to keep the interior a minimalist, bright and colorful, peaceful in earth tones, or give an ethnic touch to it, make sure your wardrobe is also in line with the overall look.

There are a number of closet designs that you can pick from. The conventional two-door wardrobe has given way to three-door wardrobe, wardrobe with sliding doors, pull-out closets, walk-ins, the stained-glass doors, and many more. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular styles to choose from. ┬áThe two doors, wooden wardrobe style is still the most popular and is perfect if you want to play it safe. These are usually made of wood, with colors and textures that vary with the polishing. You can get them in oak, teak, mahogany, pine, ivory finish, or even wood textures, if you’re looking for a certain hue. You also have the opportunity to get a two door canvas wardrobe as well. The two-door style is well proven, and with different styles, it comes in, should go well with almost any decor.

The three-door and four door wardrobes, are extensions of the traditional two-door closets. The extra doors make it easier for you to organize and group things together. Sometimes two doors close with an extension box, and the third door can give you access to a full length wardrobe. Or maybe the three or four doors to be side by side, giving you as much space as a two-door wardrobe with additional partitions. If you want a large wardrobe with more space in the form of shelves and boxes, then three or four doors, closets would be a good option.

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