Customizing Your Pandora Silver Charms Bracelet

Pandora is a jewelry company that has appeal across generations. The old-fashioned charm bracelets of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations have been given new life and elegance with Pandora silver charms, and the company is leading the way in charm bracelet innovations and design. The basis of the Pandora silver charms bracelet is the cord or chain used to string all the charms together. Solid bands of gold or silver can be chosen to make bangle-style bracelets, or soft leather in a variety of colors can be picked for a more organic, casual feel. Some leather bands are a single strand and others are braided for added strength and some visual interest. The most popular versions of the Pandora charm bracelet are the metal chains.

Some come in the classic chain look with links of metal, a and others more closely resemble the braided leather, with flexible beads of metal welded together. The beauty of choosing one of these more interesting bracelets is that your Pandora silver charms can be worn even when your collection isn’t yet complete. Every bracelet designed to be the base of a charm bracelet is fitted with clasps that are easy to take apart to slip new beads on, but they won’t allow any to inadvertently fall off even when the bracelet is not fastened. The best and most interesting part of Pandora silver charms bracelets are the charms themselves, of course. Pandora offers a stunning array of choices to outfit your bracelet with the beads and charms that commemorate your life’s special events and convey your attitude and personality.

The metal charms are perhaps the most popular pieces. Some are abstract or floral designs that wrap around the cord or chain of your bracelet, and others are molded into a variety of shapes that make it easy to remember which charm goes with which event in your life. Prams and teddy bears can recall memories of a child’s birth, small wrapped presents can commemorate special family holidays. If you are honoring the “queen bee” in your family, a sassy little bee with a crown can be the perfect gift to recognize her special place—as the one in charge! Some of the silver and gold charms are shaped more or less like beads, while others might incorporate dangling elements that add a little extra pizzazz to your bracelet. Glass and wood beads can be used to add the color and sparkle that makes your bracelet stand out.

You can choose the beads based on which colors and designs you like, or you can deliberately stick to just a few colors to give the finished bracelet a very lovely, cohesive look. Pick beads that are your favorite color, or pick ones in colors that represent a trait you’d like to remember. Blues and greens can reflect a sense of calm, while reds and pinks can imbue you with energy. Warm yellows or greens and wooden beads can remind you of the wonders that nature provides for us. Collecting your Pandora silver charms can be rewarding and almost addictive, so it is great that you don’t have to stop just when your bracelet is complete! With Pandora’s special clasp system, it is easy to take beads off chains, rearrange them, or add in a few different ones for a new look.

You can have several sets of different glass beads so you can change the color of your bracelet based on your outfit and what virtue or trait you’d like to remember for the day. Changing out the beads gives your bracelet a whole new look, and having a small collection of extra beads means it’s possible for you to never wear the same bracelet twice! You will always have something new to think about as you ponder the charms you are wearing that day, and you will always have something to discuss with others who notice your bracelet. Each charm can elicit a particular memory or emotion, and sharing those things with others can bring you closer together.

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