I So Love Pasta and I Want to Lose Weight

Pasta is one of the first meals I have learned to cook. I really love pasta even though some weight loss programs, especially those that emphasize low carb meals forbid this delicious and mouth watering food.

But I still strongly agree that to stay healthy while I shed my weight off is to lose weight safely. Starving myself just to achieve the weight I am hoping for is unnatural and will not cause me any good. I will just deprive myself with the foods I used to enjoy. True that I will be able to lose weight quickly but it will cause me more trouble in the end.

You can enjoy pasta, just keep an eye on the portions you eat; that’s what I do. Half a cup of pasta contains 200 calories and a meal sized portion of pasta has around 600 to 800 calories. That is without counting the calories you get from the toasted bread, desserts and drinks. A small serving of pasta is already enough to satisfy the cravings I feel and if I exceed the portion goal, I make sure to double my efforts to burn extra calories through exercising and work outs.

Do not be afraid of pasta dishes as they cannot ruin your waistline that easily. It depends mostly on the quantity of pasta you will consume and its sauce. Cream based sauces are typically less healthy. Stick to a tomato based pasta sauces as these are much healthier. You can also have a garlic and olive oil sauteed pasta as a choice.

Keep in mind that it is a sin to starve yourself of foods, more so with your favorite ones. We really need carbs to serve as fuel and as a source of energy. As long as you use up excess carbohydrates so as not to let it be stored as body fat, you are in good shape. Just always remember to be conscious of your meal size. Spend 30 minutes eating your meals. Exercise regularly, hydrate yourself with at least 6 glasses of water everyday and most importantly trust in yourself.

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