Patio Door Blinds: Horizontal Or Vertical?

When you need patio door blinds, you will be caught between two options usually. Is it better to go for the horizontal blinds? Or, is it better to use the vertical ones? This article will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both options of door blinds. This way, you can determine which the better option between the two is for your patio needs.

The Horizontal Blinds

The horizontal door blinds are great if you want to open just one side of the blinds on the door while leaving the other side closed. There are also better horizontal blind options in the market that can open from the top and be rolled down to allow sunshine to come in without sacrificing your privacy that much.

However, these blinds are not great options for sliding doors. Plus, the sharp edges of the metal blinds can even be a hazard. This is especially true when there are children and pets around. Therefore, they will never be great options when speaking of safety.

The Vertical Blinds

The vertical blinds can glide effortlessly on a wheeled track system. There are great options of vertical blinds such as outdoor bamboo shades, patterned fabric, and solar screen. Plus, with vertical blinds, you can have the option of going electric. Once you install a switch, you can open the blinds effortlessly without any worries.

However, vertical blinds are prone to damage because of sheer weight. Too much back and forth motions of these blinds can cause wear and tear. Also, there is little variance in keeping the sun and other elements out as there is only back and forth mechanisms in this type of door blind.

Both vertical and horizontal patio door blinds have their own pros and cons. If you want only the best, analyze your patio needs first and see which type of blind can serve them all for you.

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