A Patio Furniture Cover Will Extend The Life Of Your Firepit

Fires are fascinating – the stress of the day just seems to leave your body as you sit there. Whether you talk, or just listen to the sounds of nature, fires are peaceful and relaxing. Until recently, the only way to get a firepit on your own patio was to hire a professional to come and build it for you.

For less than $200, you can have a great portable firepit on you patio and be ready for an evening of sitting around the fire at a moment’s notice. Unless you’ve had recent rain. Then you’ll just have a really great portable firepit full of water.

You can tip the firepit and dump out the water, but you’ll make a mess on your patio. You can also try to dip it or pour it into a bucket so you can dump it out away from your house. Neither option is ideal.

When you buy a firepit, you will usually get a thin vinyl cover from the manufacturer. You’ll be lucky if it survives the first wind storm. A better option is a special patio furniture cover for firepits. These are made from heavy-duty vinyl with a soft flannel backing, or fabric that is coated with PVC and treated so that it doesn’t crack in cold weather. These will also be specially treated to withstand the damaging UV rays.

Look for either elastic or a drawstring in the hem of the cover – this will keep it securely in place in high winds. Also look for a vent system so the air moves through and doesn’t turn your firepit into an airborne missle. Vents will also help reduce the condensation that forms under the cover.

A good patio furniture cover for your firepit will help ensure that it is ready to use anytime you are.

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