What to Look for in House Awnings

House awnings are a great way to expand the livable space of your house out into your yard or garden. Not only can they open up your landscaping to enjoyment during hot or wet weather, but they can also protect your house from the damaging ultraviolet light of the hot sun. This can also just be an added decoration to your yard.

Canvas is the traditional choice of material for an awning for your porch or patio, as it can be waterproof and keeps the sun off while still keeping things bright and airy underneath. Other more hardy materials can be used in cases where there is need for additional strength, such as when heavy loads of snow are to be expected. One of the best features of house awnings is that they can be constructed to be contractible or removable altogether, allowing for much flexibility in how or when an area can get full sunlight or be protected from the weather. This is often important in the winter, when more sunlight is desirable. You can fit patio ideas for an enclosed patio on a budget.

A cousin of the house awning is a pergola, which uses slats instead of a canvas sheet to regulate sunlight. If you find choosing between a pergola and awning to be difficult, you could always combine the features of a retractable awning in your pergola design for your deck or patio for the best of both worlds. In clear weather, the awning can be retracted, allowing the sky to show through the pergolas slats. In inclement weather, the awning can be extended out so that the rain or snow does not come through. Combined with roll up netting, the awning can even create a very inexpensive enclosed patio for you and your family to enjoy at night when mosquitoes abound, and during the day the screens can be rolled up so they aren’t in the way.

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