How To Find Stuff Cheap With Penny Auctions

Have you ever gone on-line and see the fun and amazing penny auction sites. These sites can become quite addicting. What you do is bid on items at a low price. The way that these sites work are you must sign up in order to do any bidding. Once you have signed up to bid then you can make bids on items at a low price. The companies that offer these auctions are still making money even though they are selling items cheap. They make their money though the fees for bidding.

Guidelines are established on these sites. Each bid usually raises the price of the item one penny but it usually cost you a dollar to make the bid. A few of the guidelines are listed below.

1. There are several bid sites that you can use. The more popular ones you may want to stay away from because they have more traffic and it is harder to win the auctions. The number one site is Swoopo but there are several more to choose from.

2. You will want to do your bidding at times when there is less activity at the site. Making your bids early in the day or sometimes late at night could be the best time to make you bid because there will not be as much traffic on the site.

3. Another great way to insure that you can win is to make up several different usernames and split up your bids. This way you will have a getter chance of winning the items that you are bidding on. Doing this may scare off other bidders that do not want to waste time on a site with a lot of bidders.

4. The last guideline is that it takes dedication to play the penny auctions. By spreading yourself out across the playing field you will have a better chance of winning just like when you play the lottery.

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