How To Design Pet Exercise Pens

Before designing your pet exercise pen, be sure to know your pet’s requirements. While breed registries can give you a good idea of your particular dog’s needs, every dog is a bit different. While one might be completely happy in a medium sized pen, enjoying every minute of the outdoor time, another might drive themselves crazy by what’s on the other side.

It’s not just about getting exercise, it’s also a chance for a dog to be a dog, and in some training situations keep them contained until they understand the commands. Either way, remember, it’s supposed to be a positive place to be. Don’t make it so small that your dog doesn’t get to stretch out and really run, nor so large that a timid one would have trouble leaving the doorstep.

What may be a great area and design for a 7lb Yorki, may be the wrong design for a burrowing breed such as the Jack Russel. These and many other traits should be taken into consideration when designing. If you have dogs that love to jump, be sure to take that into consideration, or your jumper may be long gone the next time you look.

Don’t forget, if you love your small breeds that dangers outside are a bit different for them. Make sure the openings of the fencing are not so large that they can get out, and yet not the size they can stick a head through and get hung up either.

Chain link fencing might be just fine for larger breeds but those tiny breeds can get caught in them, causing sometimes life threatening injuries. Also, no matter where you live, be sure to make an area for you dog to hide under, unless you have a very large dog, getting carried of by birds of prey is not unheard of.

Designing your pet exercise pen takes careful consideration of you and your pet. Make sure it’s going to solve the needs of your pet in all ways, that it works well for your property, and that the type of fencing is suitable for your size dog.

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