Photography Since The 70’s

I had a job repairing cameras back in the 1970’s. It sure was a different world back then…one full of things called CB radios and 8-track tapes. Electronics was just starting to become available on the single lens reflex camera and most of the parts of a camera were still mechanical in nature. We sure have come a along way since then. Electronics has taken the world by storm you could say, and the area of photography is really no exception. We will be examining this area in this particular posting.

Back when I used to repair cameras the to “big daddies” on the block were Canon and of course Nikon. They pretty much cornered the market when it came to world of the professional SLR’s. If happened to see a professional photographer running around they more often than not had a Nikon or a Canon camera (and the big bag full of lenses and accessories).

Since then electronics has worked its way into almost every area of photography. Metal eventually gave way to fiber compass bodies and those manual focus lenses have given away to those with an autofocus. Even the humble flash unit has been given a make over with electronics.

If you are truly interested in getting a great camera loaded with all kinds of electronic stuff you might want to consider the canon powershot g12 or perhaps even the nikon 3100 models. Both of these cameras are quality products that will serve you well over the years. If you would like more information about these two particular cameras why not go over to our website…we deal with reviews on all sorts of cameras (and flashes and lenses) as stuff like that.

Electronics has sure taken the world by storm in recent years, and you just need to do is take a look at your local selection of camera models on the photographic market today.

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