The Difference Between Pink Laptop Cases, Sleeves And Bags

Laptops are becoming increasingly popular, especially with free wi-fi at many public places. In order to keep your laptop from becoming damaged during transport, you need to buy something to carry it in. If you fancy a bit of color to accompany your machine but don’t want to shell out for a new one, accessorize instead with a pink laptop bag. There are a few different styles you can choose from :

Laptop sleeves

These are very simple and light-weight. They are basically just a “sleeve” of cloth made of nylon, cotton, or canvas that slips over the outside of the laptop. They can also be made of neoprene, which is a rubbery material reminiscent of a wetsuit. These types of sleeves offer a little more shock absorption than the cloth variety.

These sleeves should probably only be used when transporting your laptop very short distances. They have no pockets and are not very protective against scratches.

Laptop backpacks and messenger bags

These bags are more complicated than the simple sleeves. They are sturdier and can also hold all of the laptop accessories. This includes chargers and cords or the mouse. You can also fit in pencils and paper or even a thin book and this pink laptop bag range usually offers also pockets to carry a snack or drink.

While heavier than a sleeve, you can carry a great deal of extra stuff that you may need along with the computer. Also they have back pack straps or messenger bag straps to sling over your shoulders, so the weight will be evenly distributed.

Laptop cases

These are probably best described as the combination of a backpack and sleeve. They resemble a briefcase and the laptop slides nicely within. You can also throw a few files in there or a pen or pencil. These are usually used by those in the business world. The back packs or messenger bags are more ideal for walking around a college campus, especially if you are carrying a few extra books with you and need your hands free.

If you opt for one of the pink laptop cases, remember to always be careful with it. Don’t forget about the computer resting inside of the case when you go to throw it into the back of the car or into the trunk.

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