Pink Rugs Can Be Added to Any Décor

When designing a room, whether it is a bedroom, living room, dining room or office space, many people use rugs for floor covering. A rug can be used as a dramatic accent piece to the décor. Pink is not often thought of for use in rooms of a home or office other than for a little girl’s bedroom.

With the variety of shades, patterns, designs and textures, pink rugs can add drama or be a subtle accent to any décor. If you have a room that has a lot of drama with dark brown, black, silver, or gray walls, adding a pink rug to the design can tone the room design down from being too severe and sterile. Adding hot pink rugs to the kitchen, living room or dining room can add a bit of fun to the décor, a little unexpected surprise to an other wise potentially formal room. Pink rugs also come in very traditional designs and patterns. If you choose, you can have a very large, pink, brightly colored shag rug that would cover the entire floor space of one room in a subtle tone of pink that can accent very classic and formal furniture styles and many of the subtler floral patterns that are common on some traditional pieces of furniture.

Pink rugs used in a formal bedroom can put a smile on your face when you wiggle your toes in a fun pink rug first thing in the morning. A pink entrance rug can be cheering after a long day of work.

Bottom line is to think outside the box and see that pink rugs are not just for a kids room; they can add to formal décor or informal décor and they can be used in any room as an accent or the main floor covering. Pink rugs can add to a bright and cheery room or remove the sterility from an overly dramatic room. Depending on the size, color and placement, the use of a pink rug can be subtle or dramatic. Pink rugs are made to make an area more enjoyable and they can be fun to add to any design.

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