Platform Beds And Frames

When looking for a platform bed, a shopper will find that there are many choices available. Even those who are on a strict budget will find something to fit their lifestyle. Some people find they are in need of a new bed because the old one has worn out, while others are changing their entire bedroom decor. In either instance, a platform bed provides the comfort and beauty desired by the homeowner.

Platform beds are designed to hold only a mattress. They do not require the use of solid panels or box springs. This creates additional areas for storage that would normally be taken up with the aforementioned fixtures or box springs. In either case the bed offers a original and uniquely fluid design which can add elegance and sophistication to any person’s home.

Many such beds were manufactured with affordability in mind. Additionally, some provide extra space saving characteristics, that people with storage issues find to be of great advantage. For example, the Brooklyn bed is manufactured with under bed drawers on a raised or flat panel, and other solid hardwood features. They come in a variety of finishes including maple, light cherry, or walnut. They are typically easy to assemble, so even those who do not have much experience with such things should not have a hard time setting up the bed they have selected.

Of course, there are many designs and affordable options from which one can choose, and this largely depends on personal preference. Models are available that feature wooden frames with unique characteristics, as well as metal or upholstered frames. A platform bed frame can also be found as part of a set which may include dressers, wardrobes, and nightstands. With a little shopping around, one is certain to find the ideal bed for his or her home.

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