Pleasure Cooking Is Long And Slow

I watched a TV show the other day where two chefs, Guy and Rachel, had a group of celebrities paired off in teams for a cooking competition. It was the cooking world’s version of American Idol and Dancing With the Stars rolled into one. I did not like it.

Cooking is not a competitive sport. It should be fun and pleasurable. There is nothing wrong with enjoying an afternoon of making a slow chicken gumbo recipe. As a matter of fact, part of making the recipe calls for making a roux on low to medium heat. It cautions you to cook it long and slow while you are attending it and stirring constantly. There is something very sensuous about cooking gumbo. The flavors are slowly infused into the soup.

New Orleans Classic Gumbos and Soups (Classic Recipes Series)

Gumbo is a cross between a soup and a dish. The word gumbo is an African word for okra. Okra is sticky and gooey when you slice it up to put into the soup. Gumbo becomes a hearty and flavor filled soup. It is a soup my grandma would say that “sticks to your ribs”. I think that means that it fills you up and if you eat enough of it, it would make you fat. I don’t think there is a danger of that.

When you are looking for a special dish that is colorful and spicy, try this. I cooked it on Christmas Eve for dinner. It has green and red bell peppers and green okra. It is served around a small mound of white rice. It made a festive looking dish for a humble soup.

You can make variations of this using shrimp and chicken, smoked ham and chicken or serve it in a vegetarian style. Play with the flavors and spices to suit your taste and how spicy you are feeling at the time. For more delicious soup recipes, visit I love to cook soups long and slow on a cold winter afternoon.

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