A Portable Gas Grill For Travel And Perfect Pork Loin Recipes

We love to take family vacations and go camping on the beach or in the mountains.  No matter where we travel to, we like to grill our favorite family recipes.  So we wanted to get a portable gas barbecue grill that would suit all our traveling and vacation needs.  We had never heard of the O-Grill until before we started looking.   Once we had one we were very happy with our grilled pork loin recipes and easy macaroni salad recipe that goes with it.

We had looked at the Coleman Roadtrips and Weber Qs, but we had not come across the O-Grill before.  The first thing that held all our attention was the unique design.  It just looks different.  It does not have the typical portable barbeque grill look.  It is a very light under at just 25 pounds and is very well built.  The Coleman and Weber portable gas barbecue grills are basically a slimmed down version of a larger grill.

The O-Grill looks like it was built for the express purpose of being portable.  It is very easy to carry and just as easy to set up.  All you have to do to set-up this grill is to extend the legs and insert the gas tank.   You will be happy with the 225 sq inch cooking surface as it is larger than you would expect from a grill this size.  Another great feature is the compartment for storing barbeque essentials such as cooking utensils.

Several friends of the family have told horror stories about the Coleman portable grill handles melting and about the covers getting distorted after closing the lid.  On the O-Grill the instructions specified the importance of setting the heat on high and then closing the lid during the preheat cycle. The O-Grill cover does get hot to the touch, but I have never seen any problem with melting or distortion of metal.

This wonderful grill’s single 9450 BTU burner produces enough heat to grill for a family barbeque.  The heat is distributed uniformly over the cast iron cooking surface. Cleanup is also very easy. The smooth bowl-shape of the inside of the grill means there are very few areas for grease to hide.  We just take a paper towel and some soapy water to get grill looking good as new.

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