Ranking the Effectiveness of Posture Support Devices

If you are considering buying a posture support product or device, you may be overwhelmed with the number of choices available to you.  Many are junk or downright gimmicky, so you should be selective.  In our opinion, the ones worth evaluating are posture support bras, posture braces, and posture bands.  There are a few others that could be classified in the posture braces category, but out of our knowledge scope.  In this article we will rank the effectiveness of these support products, starting from least to most effective.

A posture band goes around your upper chest right under the armpit area.  It works by pulling your shoulders back to prevent slouching – the intent with the band is provide a reminder to “sit up straight”.  They are one common size (adjustable) and usable by men or women.  While reviews are mixed in terms of comfort, a posture support band can be an okay option – it won’t provide as much support as a bra or brace, but for a person without the need for a ton of support, it can work.

Posture support bras are the most popular of the support products and for good reason.  It is effective a standard bra with a specially designed strap (criss cross) to help pull the shoulder blades together.  Longline posture bras can also have support panels for extra support as well.  There are good and bad support bras, but with proper research, you should be able to find one that provides very good posture support.  Definitely more effective than posture bands and can comfortably be worn all day.

We rank posture support braces barely above posture bras, simply because they are separate devices (unlike a combo bra/support) and have more options for extra support – many have back panels or extra strapping.  They can be slightly more expensive than posture bras but if you need max support, a custom brace is your best bet.  Keep in mind it is an extra undergarment, so it can get bulky under your clothes.

It’s possible there are some other new posture support devices that rank within, but we have not seen it yet.  In general, we actually favor a posture support bra since it more comfortable and versatile to wear.  Either are good choices, and both worth checking out in your research.

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